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McClerren Newborn & Family Portraits, Sharpsburg Studio

· June 7, 2018 · 2:33 pm · babies, family, newborn

I’d like to introduce you to this sweet family who came in for a newborn/family session shortly after we moved into our new space!  Eric is quite possibly one of the sweetest, most patient dads I’ve ever met!  I could tell their daughter was already aware of this– she would just stare at him wide awake anytime he was near!  Congratulations Sarah & Eric on your sweet bundle of joy!!  I can tell you are already such great parents!


Home Sweet Home

· June 6, 2018 · 3:46 pm · personal

Hello all!  If you’ve followed me on Facebook, then you know a little about how difficult the past couple of years have been for me.  I’m not saying any of this to get anyone to feel sorry for me; I’m just catching anyone up that has wondered why I’ve been so bad about updating my blog, haha!  Dealing with miscarriage after miscarriage, an ectopic pregnancy, and then finally having a healthy baby boy who had to see several specialists for them all just to tell us they had no idea why he was breathing as if he was hyperventilating all day/every day, but hang tight because something terrible could happen at any moment… it was a little stressful, to say the least.  When my son turned three months old, my husband had the idea to sell what I considered my dream house.  I thought we’d be in that house in Senoia until we retired, but God had other plans for us.  Different people handle things differently, but it has felt like I was unable to come up for air until recently.  I’m so happy to say that I am finally settling into our new normal.  My daughter is four, and she surprises me every day with how incredibly sweet, caring, & intuitive a child can possibly be.  My son is now 18 months, and while he is attached to me at the hip anytime I’m present preventing me from getting anything done– he is healthy, handsome, and still super giggly!  We laugh a lot in our home!  My husband has been at his new job for a year now, and I still think he’s the luckiest person I know (in a kind-of-annoying-way, haha).  We sold our home in Senoia, moved to a rental in Grantville, and are now in our new home in Sharpsburg where we are almost done finishing a space to have a full indoor studio & preview area for my clients!  (See a snippet of the studio in progress below!)  We have beautiful pecan trees on the property where I am planning to do more fairy sessions.  There’s also lots of space where we will work on planting more greenery, flowers, & building several outdoor photographic backdrops.  It’s kind of unbelievable for me!  I’ve had to learn that it’s okay to dream big, and let God bless us in ways I didn’t even think possible.  That may sound odd, but I was constantly thinking, “No, that’s too much.  We don’t need that.”  Well, here we are, and I know God is teaching me to trust Him no matter what.  I’d also like to brag on my husband who really was the one pushing to make all of this possible.  He dreams big, he supports me in whatever I want to do even when I doubt myself, and he continues to be my rock and best friend… thanks, Hubby!

If you were one of my clients during the past couple years– I apologize for not sharing your images and stories as much as I should have!  I have some super cute weddings & families I will be sharing in the coming days and months.  You are all so special to me and the reason I get to do what I love!

If you’re in Newnan, Peachtree City, Senoia, or Sharpsburg, come visit and have your portrait done!  We are five minutes from all of those places!!

Until next time!  -Chey

Welcome to the World Hayley Elizabeth!

· October 29, 2015 · 4:42 pm · babies, family, newborn

So, something I thought I would never say is, “Oh my gosh, I love newborn shoots!!”  Haha.  It is amazing how being a mother can make you eat your words every day.  My daughter has taught me the greatest trait I now possess– patience… and you need a whole lot of patience to photograph newborns… and now, they have become something I REALLY enjoy!

Little miss Hayley was so sweet & cuddly, and she was the perfect subject for my indoor natural light studio space.  I thought it was so funny that she smiled the biggest when we put the pink crown on her head!  Watch out, world– little princess in training!  We were able to photograph her awake, sleeping, & then with Mom & Dad.  This little girl already has everyone around her so in love, & I am ecstatic to get to share her first professional portraits with you now.  Enjoy!

hall_new_001 hall_new_003 hall_new_005 hall_new_006 hall_new_008 hall_new_013 hall_new_020 hall_new_023 hall_new_028 hall_new_033 hall_new_037 hall_new_041 hall_new_047 hall_new_048 hall_new_049 hall_new_050-2 hall_new_051 hall_new_052 hall_new_053

Lyra’s Latest Baby Plan Session!

· October 15, 2015 · 11:11 am · babies, , , , , , ,

I can’t wait to share these adorable rolls with you!  Lyra is part of the 5-session baby plan, and this was the 4th of her 5 sessions!!  I can’t believe how quickly time has passed!  Despite all the rain lately, we finally had a beautiful sunny day at this park in Newnan.  Lyra loved playing with the grass & leaves, and at one point just completely zoned out & started on a mission of stacking leaves!  So funny!  I think we got some ADORABLE shots of this sweet girl… enjoy!

dav_9mos_003 dav_9mos_006 dav_9mos_010 dav_9mos_013 dav_9mos_020 dav_9mos_027 dav_9mos_030 dav_9mos_032 dav_9mos_033

Alvaton Banquet Hall – Wedding Photography – Brian & Jennifer

· September 2, 2015 · 10:54 pm · Venues, Weddings, , , , , , , , , ,

From the first time I met Jennifer & her family at the consultation, there was an instant connection!  I just loved them so much and have looked forward to helping them capture the beauty of her wedding day & Jennifer’s love for Brian.  We had such a great engagement session (they got INTO a body of water– how awesome are they?!) that I already knew the wedding would be fabulous!  We had so much fun with their portraits & everything just fell into place so naturally.

This pretty wedding took place at Alvaton Banquet Hall in August, and with an outdoor ceremony, you never know what the weather is going to look like!  Luckily it was not scorching hot like every other day leading up to it!  Brian & Jennifer did a first look before the ceremony, so we were able to get all the group portraits early in the day, and we focused on just the couple’s portraits following the ceremony while the guests enjoyed cocktail hour.  I’m so glad we could do this, because the light was just beautiful at that time of day!!

Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Elliotte!  I know you have a blessed future ahead of you!  Enjoy some my favorites from the wedding…


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Coordinator: Valencia Marierose | Venue: Alvaton Banquet Hall | Makeup: Tricia at ICI Paris | DJ: MBS Entertainment | Florist: Bedazzled Florist | Catering & Cakes: Catering by Originals | Bridal Gown: David’s Bridal | Bridal Shoes: DSW | Menswear:  Men’s Wearhouse | Photography: Chey Photography

Alexis’ Senior Session in Senoia, GA

· August 27, 2015 · 7:44 pm · senior, , , , ,

I’m finally blogging one of my senior sessions!  I absolutely love doing these fun, laid back shoots, and it was especially fun to photograph my niece Alexis!  I remember when she was born… I cannot believe she is graduating in 2016!

Alexis is really into reading, so we personalized the shoot by adding in an old vintage book I had, and we walked around my beloved town of Senoia.  That morning was pretty funny, because I had to fight for a parking spot with all “The Walking Dead” tours going on, & then people thought I was a tourist with a really nice camera trying to get a shot of the actors!  I even had one nice elderly man stop me to tell me a little history of the town and some spots that were in films!  I thanked him, of course 😉

Enjoy some of our favorites from this shoot!  Yay for the class of 2016!

CheyPhotography_senior_Edge_001 CheyPhotography_senior_Edge_002 CheyPhotography_senior_Edge_003 CheyPhotography_senior_Edge_004 CheyPhotography_senior_Edge_005 CheyPhotography_senior_Edge_006 CheyPhotography_senior_Edge_007 CheyPhotography_senior_Edge_008 CheyPhotography_senior_Edge_009 CheyPhotography_senior_Edge_010 CheyPhotography_senior_Edge_011 CheyPhotography_senior_Edge_012 CheyPhotography_senior_Edge_013

Hall Maternity Session – Senoia Photographer

· August 8, 2015 · 1:49 pm · maternity, , , , , , ,

Welcome to my first maternity shoot post!!  I will start trying to blog more than just weddings so you can stay up to date on everything I shoot, now!

I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful mama-to-be & her husband on a gorgeous August morning.  I actually first met them when we started building our current home a couple years ago (they are our lucky neighbors, haha), and since then, we’ve become great friends!  We are really blessed to have such great people right beside us!  The first part of this session took place outdoors in Haralson (an area where “The Walking Dead” was filmed, which always ups the coolness factor for me)!  The 2nd part was in their home & adorably decorated nursery!  I can’t decide which setting I like best, but the nursery ones are so sweet!  Enjoy some of my favorites from the session!



Allison & Kyle’s June Church Wedding at St. George Catholic – Newnan, GA Wedding Photography

· July 23, 2015 · 12:34 am · Weddings, , , , , , , ,

I LOVE Catholic ceremonies!  …Partly because you can be guaranteed a nice air-conditioned spot during the ceremony… but let’s face it, I really love ALL weddings, including those hot-outdoor-ones-in-the-perfect-late-afternoon-light, so it’s all good!  You’ll always find me shooting with a big smile on my face!  This pretty June wedding ceremony & reception was held at the gorgeous St. George Catholic Church in Newnan, GA.  My favorite feature was the beautiful ivy-laden walkway, which we utilized for many of the bright afternoon portraits.  AND, it was an extra lucky day!  It poured down rain, but only for a few minutes during the (indoor) ceremony!  I think that’s the best time to have rain on your wedding day!

Congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs. Morris!  You are SUCH a sweet couple, and I hope you have many, many, many years of happiness!

xo -Chey

cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_051 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_052 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_053 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_054 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_055 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_056 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_057 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_058 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_059 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_060 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_061 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_062 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_063 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_064 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_065 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_066 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_067 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_068 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_069 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_070 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_071 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_072 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_073 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_074 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_075 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_076 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_077 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_078 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_079 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_080 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_081 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_082 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_083 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_084 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_085 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_086 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_087 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_088 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_089 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_090 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_091 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_092 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_093 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_094 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_095 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_096 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_097 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_098 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_099 cheyphotography_StGeorgeCatholicChurch_wedding_100


Venue:  St. George Catholic Church | Coordinator:  Marie Swope | Florist:  Murphy’s Florist | Bridal Gown:  David’s Bridal | Menswear:  Men’s Wearhouse | Catering & Cake:  Mary Donaldson | Photography:  Chey Photography

Drew & Amanda’s Barn Wedding at Sunny D Farms, Williamson, GA – Wedding Photography

· July 7, 2015 · 10:42 am · Weddings

Hi Everyone!  I think June is officially wedding month, so of course I have another beautiful wedding to blog!  This is a family I have known & loved for several years, now!  I had the pleasure of meeting the McCords four years ago when photographing one of Debbie’s daughter’s weddings at Wendell Coffee Golf & Event Center.  It was a beautiful place to get married, but Debbie said her daughters had very different personalities.  That was evident in every rustic-chic detail of Amanda & Drew’s rustic/vintage/burlap inspired wedding day– from the gorgeously decorated outdoor ceremony with church pews & curtains to the indoor barn reception at Sunny D Farms (and may I add– it was air conditioned!  That’s a big woohoo! for those warm June weddings)!  It was such a beautiful setting and there were so many pretty details, so I just had to share them with you.  I hope you enjoy looking through some of my favorite portraits from the day.  Congratulations and many blessings to the new Mr. & Mrs. Young! xo- Chey



Venue:  Sunny D Farms | Makeup:  Connie Durham – Mary Kay | DJ:  Matt Butler | Florist:  Bedazzled | Catering:  Speedi-Pig Barbecue | Videography:  Jeremiah Bartlett | Bridal Gown:  J. Andrew’s Bridal & Formal | Menswear:  Men’s Wearhouse | Cake:  Publix | Bridal Party Jewelry:  Beads & Lace Boutique | Photography:  Chey Photography


Lauren & Ryan’s Outdoor Barn Wedding

· November 18, 2013 · 1:11 pm · Weddings

I’m so excited to share this beautiful outdoor barn wedding that took place in October.  The weather was perfect that day, which you always hope for when having an outdoor wedding!  The whole event took place on private property out in Brooks, GA, with the fabulous help of The Funky Shack & The Fancy Type Company.  I have never seen so many tiny (& large) details put together for a wedding, and it really made the venue!  Lauren & Ryan are another wonderful couple I get to say I had the pleasure to photograph, and it was so much fun helping them capture their big day!  Lauren’s mom Sharon has also been my hairdresser since I started dating my husband almost 10 year ago, and she did all the fabulous dos for the bridal party.  Check out the all the details & some of my favorite portraits below!